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Private ThreatCloud - Engine Updates Technical Level

Private ThreatCloud receives engine updates from time to time, which get automatically updated by the Download Agent, in the same way security updates are updated.

In order to see which engine version a Private ThreatCloud currently has, run this command on your Private ThreatCloud: ptc_cli monitor

At the top, you will be able to see something in this format:

Private ThreatCloud Monitor:


The Engine version is: 15


Here is the list of released engine updates:

Date Engine Version Contents
11 September 2016 6
  • Bug fixes to enhance stability
28 May 2017 7
  • Anti-Virus Deep Inspection and Archive Scanning are supported for Security Gateways connected to the Private ThreatCloud appliance

  • Custom IP indicators are enforced by Security Gateways connected to Private ThreatCloud

  • Other fixes to enhance stability and performance of the product
 7 August 2017 8
  • Major performance improvements

  • Other fixes to enhance stability
14 October 2018  9
    •  Custom indicators enhancements (sk125693):

        • URLs and domains indicators are enforced by Security Gateways connected to Private ThreatCloud

        • STIX packages download from external TAXII servers

      • Indicators can be managed using RESTful API

  • Other fixes to enhance stability of the product
10 February 2019  10


 Adding support for Threat Emulation File types and images managed by SmartCenter R80.XX


19 May 2019 11
  • Private ThreatCloud is now supported on R80.20 (sk149692)
  • 5x50 appliances are supported on R80.20 Management only installations
  • Bug fixes
15 Sep 2019 12
  • Support in SBA environment (sk161492)
  • Support in 61K/64K/Maestro (R80.20SP)
  • Disk space enhancement
  • PTC diagnostic tool (More information on sk149692 under 'PTC Diagnostic Tool')
  • Other fixes to enhance stability
10 Nov 2019 13
  • Fixes to enhance stability
22 March 2020 14
  • Support installing Jumbo Take 118 on fresh installation (sk149692)
  • Disk space alert on Download Agent (PullAgentDaemon.log)
  • Fixes to enhance stability
5 July 2020 15
  • TAXII client enhancements
  • Cleanup adjustments  
  • Fixes to enhance stability
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