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Identity Collector fails to connect / add / edit a Security Gateway Technical Level
  • When adding / editing the Security Gateway object, test connection fails.
  • Security Gateway that has already successfully connected to the Identity Collector, disconnects after some time.
  • "Identity collector can not connect to Security Gateway - refer to sk113021" is shown when using the "Test" button during the addition of a Gateway to the Identity Collector.
  1. The Security Gateway's version does not support Identity Collector
  2. Identity Collector identity source is not configured correctly on the Security Gateway
  3. Security Gateway is not configured correctly on the Identity Collector
  4. Connection / routing issues between the Security Gateway and the Identity Collector
  5. Windows Firewall / Security Gateway policy blocks the connection between the Identity Collector and the Security Gateway
  6. Bad / Expired certificate on the Security Gateway. (see below and in sk170112)
  7. Security Gateway was configured with Cluster member IP instead of VIP.
  8. "Wrong Shared Secret" will occur when connecting a Security Gateway to Identity Collector if the Authrized Clients object defined within the Gateway Properties on SmartConsole has the wrong IP. 
  9. Communication issue on the Windows Server hosting the IDC - proxy configuration or Windows Firewall not allowing connectivity between IDC and defined security gateways.
  10. Third party trusted CA blocking communication to the PDPD process.
  11. A software limitation in VSX VSLS with 3 Members.

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