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"SmartView server certificate is invalid" error when opening a new tab in the R80 SmartConsole "logs & monitor" Technical Level
  • When opening a new tab in the R80 SmartConsole, "SmartView is not available - SmartView server certificate is invalid" error appears on the screen.

  • The https:///smartview/ URL is not accessible.

  • Connection is successful when accessing the server from a local IP address, but not with external IP.


There is an HTTPS Inspection rule (or another 3rd party SSL Inspection tool) between the SmartEvent server and the client running SmartConsole, matching the source and destination of the Client and the SmartEvent server which is matching a Site Category.

Having an HTTPS inspection rule, either as the same rule or a rule before it to match the Site category, will require the HTTPS Inspection Blade to begin the inspection on the packet to determine whether it is actually matching. This would also be releavant if the rule is to Bypass the connection.

This causes the packet to already be affected by the insepction, and the Certificate transferring between the Client and the Server to be invalid when it reaches to the SmartView.

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