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Enterprise Endpoint Security R77.30.02 Server and E80.64 Client Resolved Issues Technical Level

This article lists all of the issues that have been resolved in Enterprise Endpoint Security R77.30.02/E80.64.

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    Table of Contents

    • Endpoint Security E80.64 Clients for Windows
      • Endpoint Security VPN
      • Anti-Malware
      • Capsule Docs
      • Full Disk Encryption
    • Endpoint Security Server R77.30.02
      • Installation
      • Media Encryption

    Endpoint Security E80.64 Clients for Windows

    ID Description
    Endpoint Security VPN
    In SmartView Tracker, Authentication logs from clients who authenticate from Windows 10 computers, show Windows 8 instead of Windows 10 in the OS version field.
    There can be intermittent issues with missing Anti-Malware updates when both Anti-Malware and URL Filtering blades are installed on a client.
    Capsule Docs
    When you write a non-protected Microsoft Office file to a removable device, and Office 2010 64-bit, 2013, or higher is installed on the computer, you might need to remove the device and re-insert it before you can access the file directly from the removable device.
    Full Disk Encryption
    If you configure the setting "Show Pre-boot logon screen" to "0" minutes for Temporary Pre-boot bypass, issues might occur. To prevent issues, do not set the value below the default value (1 minute).
    01878629 After you uninstall Full Disk Encryption, it is not possible to log in to Windows. The error "The RPC server is unavailable" is shown. Refer to sk108965 for resolution.

    Endpoint Security Server R77.30.02

    ID Description
    For clean installations and upgrades, if the Java version on the Endpoint Security Server is 64-bit, you must revert to 32-bit before R77.30.02 hotfix installation. Change it back to 64-bit after installation is completed.
    Media Encryption
    In rare cases, Optical Media Scan is disabled, although enabled by policy. To resolve the issue, please change General Properties (for example, Interval between client heartbeats in Connection Settings) and save the settings on SmartEndpoint.

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