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Check Point Private ThreatCloud - Manual Copy Deployment Mode Instructions Technical Level

Follow these steps:

  1. Install the Private ThreatCloud (PTC) and the Download Agent (DA) on separate machines as described in sk149692 - R80.20 Private ThreatCloud. For R77.30 version and below, use the following: Private ThreatCloud Installation Guide - chapter "Deploying and Configuring Private ThreatCloud" - section "Initial Configuration of a Unidirectional Deployment". 

  2. When setting up the Download Agent, select "using a local copy".
    This way, the DA will be configured as if it is on the same appliance as the PTC and will keep all downloads locally in the /var/log/uploads/ directory.

  3. After the DA finishes downloading all files, use the updates_helper script ($TMSDIR/cur/scripts/ to export/import the files between the DA and the PTC. 

    • To export all uploads, use the syntax: -m x -f my_export.tgz -u /var/log/uploads
    • To import your uploads: -m i -f my_export.tgz -u /var/log/uploads
  4. Allow a few hours for the PTC to load all the copied updates. Monitor the progress on the web monitoring interface https://<IP_ADDRESS_of_PTC>/ptcd/report.html.


  • You can repeat the process as often as you like. Keep in mind that each blade has a threshold, and if it does not get new updates as often as it expects to, it will display the blade as not up to date.
  • The updates_helper script maintains the timestamp of the last file exported so the administrator doesn't need to maintain track of it or remove any files from the DA

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