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Cannot open some HTTPS web sites in Chrome browser when HTTPS Inspection is enabled after installing Take 172, Take 174, or Take 178 of R77.30 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Technical Level
  • "ERR_SSL_FALLBACK_BEYOND_MINIMUM_VERSION" message in Chrome browser when trying to access some HTTPS web site.

  • The same HTTPS sites open correctly in Internet Explorer browser.

  • Disabling HTTPS Inspection on Security Gateway resolves the issue in Chrome browser.

  • Issue started after installing Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R77.30 - Take 172, Take 174, or Take 178.


In Take 172 of R77.30 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator, a support of SHA384 and SHA512 hash algorithms was added (under ID 02325804) to resolve a failure accessing some HTTPS sites if the site's certificate is signed with SHA384 / SHA512 hash algorithm.

As it turned out, HTTPS Inspection did not work for some HTTPS sites in Chrome browser because Check Point Security Gateway was not able yet to fully support the HTTPS communication with Chrome browser when SHA384 / SHA512 hash algorithms are involved.

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