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'IPS Bypass under load' thresholds are not tunable in Full HA environment Technical Level
  • On Full HA Deployments, after changing the IPS bypass thresholds manually in SmartDashboard
    (Gateway/Cluster Object -> IPS tab -> Advanced -> CPU Usage and Memory Usage)
    to any value, the default value still remains.

  • The 'ips bypass stat' command on the gateway shows that the default values 70/90 Low/High are still configured.

The /var/opt/CPsuite-R77/fw1/conf/ClusterCopiedAttributes.C file is not updated with the following lines when we policy is installed on a Full HA Deployments:

: (low_cpu_watermark)
: (low_memory_watermark)
: (high_cpu_watermark)
: (high_memory_watermark) 

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