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vSEC for NSX licenses are not distributed automatically to vSEC for NSX gateways Technical Level
  • The R80 vSEC Controller stops, or never starts, distributing vSEC for NSX licenses automatically to vSEC for NSX gateways.

vSEC for NSX license distribution mechanism requires the vSEC for NSX license to be generated for the main IP address of Security Management Server / Domain Management Server (IP address that appears in SmartConsole - in the Management Server object, on "General Properties" tab).

Any license generated for IP address that does not match the IP address of Management Server, will cause the license distribution mechanism to halt.

In such case, vSEC Gateways without license will not be automatically licensed by the Management Server.

Issue may occur when all of the following conditions are met for a specific license:

  1. License was generated for an IP address that does not match the IP address of Management Server
  2. License was attached to the Management Server
  3. The faulty license was distributed in vsec config menu.

Issue may also occur in Management HA environment.

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