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Users and user groups added to an Access Role are not saved in R7X SmartDashboard when FIPS is enabled on Windows OS Technical Level
  • Users and user groups added to an Access Role are not saved in SmartDashboard in the following scenario:

    1. Open Access Role object
    2. Go to the "Users" tab - select "Specific users/groups" - add a user / group
    3. Click on OK
    4. Open Access Role object - users / user groups that were added are not shown anymore

    Note: If after click on OK, administrator just saves the changes (go to "File" menu - click on "Save"), then the added users / user groups are saved correctly in the management database (can be verified by connecting with GuiDBedit Tool to Security Management Server / Domain Management Server: Other - identity_roles - users - specific_identity_users).

  • Users / user groups are identified as "Specific users" in Access Role object in "Role Preview" section.

  • SmartDashboard might crash when validating the Access Role assignment.


When users/groups/machines to Access Role in SmartDashboard, MD5 hash algorithm is used.

MD5 hash algorithm does not comply with FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic algorithms.

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