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Logs appear as confidential when configuring a Security Gateway R77.30 Gaia to send logs to an external Syslog server Technical Level
  • When using the procedure from sk87560 in order to transfer syslog messages from a StandAlone machine, logs with asterisk '***' on most fields are received.
  • The syslog message in the output of tcpdump:
    # tcpdump -nnvvXSs 1514 -i [eth_name]  dst port 514
    [Fields@ Action="HTTPS Inspect" UUid="{0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0}" 
    https_inspection_action="Inspect" src=[IP] dst=[IP] 
    proto="6" HTTPS_inspection_rule_id="******" 
    HTTPS_inspection_rule_name="******" app_category="******" 
    matched_category="******" app_properties="******" resource="******" 
    reason="******" user="******" src_user_name="******" 
    src_machine_name="******" snid="******" product="HTTPS Inspection" 
    service="[Port_Number]" s_port="[Port_Number]" product_family="******"]

Transferring blade logs to syslog server is not supported, only firewall logs.

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