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How to migrate appliance to work with Solid State Drive (SSD) Technical Level


  1. Save your Gaia OS configuration (interfaces, hostname, DNS, proxy, etc.):

    1. From Clish, run: save configuration <filename>
    2. Transfer the output file <filename> to your PC using FTP or SCP.
    3. If you have any other configuration that was not defined through Clish, save it as well.
    4. If this machine is part of a cluster, save the "Cluster Global ID" per sk25977; it will be used when installing the machine afterwards.
  2. Power off your appliance and replace the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) with Solid State Drive (SSD).

  3. Power on the machine and install the relevant Gaia OS image from USB/DVD (see sk65205).

  4. Connect the machine and run the First Time Configuration Wizard as Security Gateway, and if needed, as Cluster Member (provide the Cluster Global ID per sk25977).
    Run it either from Gaia Portal, or from the Command Line export mode, by running the config_system -f <prepared template> command (see sk69701 for more information).

  5. Load your Gaia OS configuration:

    1. Transfer the file back to the machine using FTP or SCP.
    2. From Clish, run:
      • set clienv on-failure continue
      • load configuration <filename>
    3. Go over the log of the last command, and see if reboot is needed, or if any errors occurred.


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