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VTI creation on SMB Appliance fails with "IP address is in the subnet of an existing network" error Technical Level
  • Cannot create 2 numbered VTI interfaces on the same (/24) subnet.


    • Creating a VTI with local IP address and remote IP address succeeds.

    • Creating a second VTI with local IP 192.168.10.x and remote IP address 192.168.10.x fails with the pop-up error "IP address is in the subnet of an existing network".

  • This is due to a UI validation issue with the network mask of the first VTI created.
  • When trying to create s second VTI using the same 24 bit subnet the appliance will consider it as part of the first VTI which is really of 32 bit as 'ifconfig' command shows and hence throws the error message.

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