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R80.x & above SmartLog/SmartEvent server doesn't index/show logs older than 1-14 days back Technical Level
  • After the user upgrades/imports log files into R80.x/R81.x SmartLog/SmartEvent server, it shows logs only for the last 1-14 days (since the date of the upgrade/import).

  • The $RTDIR/log_indexes/ directory on R80.x/R81.x SmartLog/SmartEvent server contains directories that go back only for the last 1-14 days (since the date of the upgrade/import).

  • If an offline job is run, the events appear in the Events tab, but not in the tabs of specific blades.

  • If an offline job is run to send historical log files to R80 SmartEvent server, the "Files" read as "DDD MM DD HH:MM:SS 1969" (e.g., Wed Dec 31 18:00:00 1969) and show "0" for the number of logs.


By default, R80.x/R81.x SmartLog/SmartEvent server indexes and shows logs only up to 1-14 days back (counting back from the date of the upgrade/import).

  • Starting from R80.20, only 1 day back is indexed by default (fw.log & all log-files in the last 24 hours).

  • sk164553 - Steps from this SK may be required if the issue started after an upgrade. The solution below will not work properly if the files that need to be re-indexed are already listed as indexed as per the FetchedFiles.

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