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ISP Redundancy in Load Sharing mode is disabled when Non-Transparent Proxy is defined Technical Level
  • When creating a connection, ISP Redundancy checks if the connection is NAT hidden. If the connection is going through the non-Transparent proxy on the gateway, the NAT hidden connection check fails.
    As a result ISP redundancy get disabled.

  • ISP Redundancy says that the connection is not behind hide NAT:
    ;[fw4_0];misp_rulematch: Entering;
    ;[fw4_0];misp_rulematch: IPP(6): (10444) -> (80);
    ;[fw4_0];misp_rulematch_outgoing: called;
    ;[fw4_0];misp_rulematch_do: Entering;
    ;[fw4_0];misp_is_on_default_rt: dst 42424242, net 00000000 mask 00000000 gw c0a801c8 if 3;
    ;[fw4_0];misp_is_on_default_rt: On default route;
    ;[fw4_0];misp_rulematch_do: Not NAT hide;
    ;[fw4_0];misp_get_hiding_address: called;
    and does not assign random route for the connection.

The problem occurs because connection that goes through the non-transparent proxy does not use NAT mechanism.

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