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600/1100/1200R appliances configuration import to 700/900/1400 appliances Technical Level

The Backup-Restore feature between different models of SMB appliances is supported in the following cases:

  • 600 to 700/900 appliances
  • 1100 to 1400 appliances
  • 1200R to all SMB HW types

Note: Restoring from 700, 900 or 1400 appliances to 600, 1100 or 1200R appliances is not supported.


  1. Upgrade the 600/1100/1200R appliance using the latest firmware version - R77.20.80.

  2. Backup the 600/1100/1200R appliance configuration and keep the backup file.

  3. Upgrade the target appliance using the same firmware version - R77.20.80.

  4. Backup your target appliances in case of failure during the configuration import.

  5. Restore settings on your target appliance using the backup file from the 600/1100/1200R appliances.

  6. Re-activate the license.

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