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"Best Practices" Solutions and Documents Technical Level

Note - Some of these documents may be outdated and may not apply to your version.

For the latest information, see the corresponding Administration Guide for your version.

List of products:

  • Security Gateway
  • ClusterXL / 3rd party cluster
  • Security Management / Multi-Domain Management Server
  • Licensing
  • Gaia OS
  • VPN
  • SmartReporter
  • Application Control
  • HTTPS Inspection
  • Identity Awareness
  • Threat Prevention
  • Endpoint Security
  • DDoS Protector
  • SNMP


Security Gateway
How To Perform a Gaia and SecurePlatform Firewall Health Check
sk120633 - Domain Objects in R8x
sk98126 - Best Practices - Configuration of logging from Security Gateway to Security Management Server / Log Server
sk120476 - Important changes in IPS "SYN Attack" (SYN Defender) protection
ClusterXL / 3rd party cluster
Best Practices - ClusterXL Connectivity Upgrade (CU)
sk55081 - Best Practices - Manual fail-over in ClusterXL
Security Management Server / Multi-Domain Security Management Server
sk102837 - Best Practices - ICA Management Tool configuration
sk102812 - Best Practices - Firewall Policy Management
sk11054 - Check Point License Guide
sk84560 - Check Point VPN License Guide
sk81200 - How to Install a License
Gaia OS
sk106126 - Best Practices - Monitoring of Security Gateways and Management Servers running on Gaia OS
sk98733 - Best Practices - Configuring Cisco ACS 5 server for TACACS+ authentication with Gaia OS
sk108902 - Best Practices - Backup on Gaia OS
sk92449 - Check Point Upgrade Service Engine (CPUSE) - Gaia Deployment Agent
sk121447 - How to perform an automated health check of a Gaia based system
sk105119 - Best Practices - VPN Performance
sk98074 - MTU and Fragmentation Issues in IPsec VPN
How to Optimize a Security Policy with SmartReporter
Application Control
sk112249 - Best Practices - Application Control
HTTPS Inspection
sk108202 - Best Practices - HTTPS Inspection
Identity Awareness
sk88520 - Best Practices - Identity Awareness Large Scale Deployment
Endpoint Security / Full Disk Encryption
sk111395 - Endpoint Data Security configuration video tutorial
DDoS Protector
sk108208 - Best Practices - DDoS Protector
sk97550 - DDoS Protector High-Availability Guide
Best Practices - Secure Web Gateway
Best Practices - DDoS Protections on the Security Gateway
sk98552 - Best Practices - SNMP


Additional information can be found in Advanced Technical Reference Guides.

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