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R80 image updates FAQ Technical Level

R80 and R80.10 End Of Support was extended to January 2022 (originally was May 2021)

 For more info on all Check Point releases, refer to Release map and Release Terminology articles.

In order to improve customer experience, Check Point updates the latest product images with recommended fixes. By installing the new image, R80 Security Management will automatically install R80 Jumbo Hotfix Take 76 on top of R80 installation.
For log of all changes including file names and MD5, see Check_Point_R80_File_Revision_History.

  • What is included in the new R80 image?
    To obtain the download packages, contact Check Point Support.

  • Can I use the most recent R80 image to restore backup taken on a previous R80 image?
    Yes, it can be safely restored, even if you had hotfixes installed on the previous R80 image.
  • How to find out what take is installed on the machine?
    From clish, run the show version all or ver command, that displays the take number as appears in R80 Release Notes Build numbers table.

    For file revision history and MD5 see Check_Point_R80_File_Revision_History

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