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IPS update causes crash in SmartDashboard on Windows 10 when management is deployed on VMWare Technical Level
  • Crash in R77.30 Windows 10 SmartDashboard during IPS update

At some point, the connection between the management server and SmartDashboard gets corrupted.

The immediate result is a fatal failure in SSL HMAC verification, which leads to the SIC tunnel shutting down and the connection terminating. Once this occurs SmartDashboard will crash.

The source of the corruption is a memory overrun at the level of the NIC driver of VMware.

This is similar to a problem in VMware KB about data corruption after a Windows 2012 virtual machine network transfer.


WA #1 - changing the Ethernet Adapter driver type of the Windows 10 machine:

Instead of E1000E, (the default driver in Windows 10) that has a data corruption bug, E1000 should be used instead.

If using E1000E adapter as depicted above, it should be removed.

When adding a new adapter, in the Type field select E1000

You should see the this screen showing the new adapter-

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