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Check Point Capsule Docs, Endpoint Security and Remote Access VPN E80.62 / R77.30.01 HFA1 Technical Level


Table of Contents:

  • What's New in E80.62/R77.30.01 HFA1
  • Endpoint Security and Remote Access VPN
  • Check Point Capsule Docs
  • User and Device Management (UDM)
  • E80.62/R77.30.01 HFA1 Known Limitations
  • E80.62/R77.30.01 HFA1 Resolved Issues
  • Revision History


  • The relevant links to downloads and documentation are located in each section, i.e., Endpoint Security, Check Point Capsule Docs and User and Device Management.
  • Mac clients were not changed and remain E80.62.


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What's New in E80.62/R77.30.01 HFA1

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  • Bulk Protection Services

    Capsule Docs Bulk Protection Services applies protection to documents based on location and properties. The protection is based on your configuration.

    There are two options to manage Bulk Protection Services:
    • Content-Aware File Protection for CIFS and NFS-compatible Network Locations - Protection is applied through a network gateway with the DLP Software Blade to files that match specified data types.
    • File Protection for Windows-based Servers and Workstations - Protection is applied locally and runs on the Windows computer. Continuous monitoring on specific targets is also available to protect new files as soon as they are created. Refer to the Capsule Docs Bulk Protection Guide
  • Content-Aware Protection for Mail Attachments

    This feature enables DLP Gateway administrators to set protect action for E-mails:
    • Seamless experience - Automatic protection based on administrator configuration.
    • Flexibility - The administrator can allow sending protected documents, and allow or block attachments.
    • Content Awareness - Different protection settings for different types of data.
    • Access Control - The authorized user list can include defined users and groups and/or e-mail sender/recipients.
    • End User Education - UserCheck alerts the user to the organization security policy.
  • Capsule Docs Development Tools

    Note: Refer to sk108950 - Capsule Docs Development Tools and SDK
  • Enhanced Remote Access VPN Client Verification

    • Verifies the identity of the Endpoint Server that manages the client through the Endpoint Server’s certificate.
    • Verifies the client’s minimum version.*
      *For SmartEndpoint-managed Remote Access VPN clients only

  • Performance improvements and bugs fixes


Endpoint Security and Remote Access VPN

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Table of Contents for this section:

  • Endpoint Security Server R77.30.01 HFA1
    • Endpoint Security Server Downloads
    • R77.30.01 Management Server Migration Tools
    • Endpoint Security Server Documentation
  • SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server
  • Endpoint Security E80.62 HFA1 Clients
    • Endpoint Security Clients Downloads
    • Media Encryption Offline Access Tool E80.62 for Mac OS X
    • Endpoint Security Clients Documentation
  • Remote Access VPN E80.62 Clients
    • Remote Access VPN Clients Downloads
    • Remote Access VPN Clients Documentation

Note: In order to download some of the packages you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.

Endpoint Security R77.30.01 HFA1 Server

Note: The packages provided below are Legacy CLI packages (not CPUSE packages).


SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server

The SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server allows the Administrator to connect to the Endpoint Security Server and to manage the new Endpoint Security Software Blades.

Platform Package Link
Windows SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server R77.30.01 HFA1 (EXE)
SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server E80.62 / R77.20 (EXE)
SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server E80.62 / R77.30 (EXE)


Endpoint Security E80.62 HFA1 Clients


Remote Access VPN E80.62 HFA1 Clients


Check Point Capsule Docs

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Table of Contents for this section:

  • Capsule Docs Server
    • Capsule Docs Server Downloads
    • Capsule Docs Server Documentation
  • Capsule Docs Client
    • Capsule Docs Client Downloads
    • Capsule Docs Client Documentation
    • Capsule Docs Bulk Protection Services Downloads
    • Capsule Docs Bulk Protection Services Documentation
    • Mobile Access Downloads
    • Mobile Access Documentation

Check Point Capsule Docs Server


Check Point Capsule Docs Clients


User and Device Management (UDM)

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Table of Contents for this section:

  • UDM Downloads
  • UDM Documentation


User and Device Management (UDM)


E80.62/R77.30.01 HFA1 Known Limitations

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Note: This release includes all limitations of Check Point Capsule, Endpoint Security & Remote Access VPN E80.62 / R77.30.01.
ID Symptoms

Office 2010 is required for exporting Virtual Groups. If you do not have Office 2010 installed, export of the Virtual Groups will fail.

Network Protection 
If you change the Firewall policy to Enforce, you must reboot all clients who receive the policy.

There can be Intermittent issues with missing Anti-Malware updates when both Anti-Malware and URL Filtering blades are installed on a client.

Workaround:In 'SmartEndpoint > Trusted Processes for URL Filtering', add the process epam_svc.exe and MD5 3A7E0C620311AC2530499AAE874C64E8"

Capsule Docs

Capsule Docs Bulk Protection Services support only On-Premises server architecture.

To use the service with Capsule Docs Cloud Server, contact Check Point Support.


With BIOS version: 1.2.3, if you Install FDE on Dell XPS 13 9350 in UEFI, it will cause a red screen in FDE.

To install FDE on the Dell XPS 13 9350, configure the BIOS in this way:

  1. Disable Secure Boot. 
  2. Set the Boot List option to Legacy ( UEFI is not supported on this machine.) 
  3. Enable Legacy Option ROMs. 
  4. Set SATA operation to AHCI.
Unlock On LAN (UOL) does not work in Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 due to missing DHCP protocol in UEFI firmware.
It is not possible to authenticate to the connected disk when running Full Disk Encryption Drive Slaving Utility,

Workaround: Authenticate using the Recovery File instead


E80.62/R77.30.01 HFA1 Resolved Issues

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ID Symptoms

Policy Servers deliver client messages to the Endpoint Security Management Server using TLSv1 by default.

To force Policy Servers to relay the messages using TLSv1.2, follow this procedure on each Policy Server:

  1. Login to Expert mode.
  2. Run: cpstop 
  3. Modify $UEPMDIR/apache22/conf/ssl.conf 
  4. Replace line "SSLProxyProtocol TLSv1" with "SSLProxyProtocol TLSv1.2" 
  5. Save file. 
  6. Run: cpstart
Anti-Malware only supports signatures updates from "External Check Point Signature Server" and "Other external source."


Revision History

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Date Description
15 July 2019  Link to Maintrain Release map was replaced
27 Jun 2016 Replaced all Windows Client download files due to stability enhancements and to resolve issue described in sk111096. In addition, it is strongly recommended to apply the Gaia server hotfix provided in sk112099.
14 Apr 2016 Added Remote Access VPN E80.62 HFA1 Clients (Windows)
07 Apr 2016 First release of this document.
This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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