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Security Gateway configured as HTTP/HTTPS Proxy rejects traffic when URL contains non-English characters with "No host header" log Technical Level
  • Log in SmartView Tracker / SmartLog shows:

    Proxy: No host header; Connection was rejected since the request did not contain a host header
  • Kernel debug ('fw ctl debug -m WS + session error') shows:

    ws_http_session_read_short_circuit: [ERROR]: failed to open connection to side WS_SERVER_SIDE
    ws_http_process_header: [ERROR]: failed to call short circuit read handler;
    ws_http_session_client_read: [ERROR]: failed to process header;
    ws_http_session_get_request_host_header_and_port: [ERROR]: No host header found
    ws_create_proxy_connection: [ERROR]: failed to get host header;
    ws_create_proxy_connection: [ERROR]: host header not found;
    ws_http_session_get_url: [ERROR]: url parser not ready (_url_parser->status = 1). cannot continue;
    ws_create_proxy_connection: [ERROR]: ws_http_session_get_url() failed;
    ws_open_proxy_connection: [ERROR]: ws_create_proxy_connection failed;

 Strict parsing does not allow special characters in URL when Security Gateway is configured as HTTP/HTTPS Proxy.

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