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Data Center Security Appliances R76SP.40 Technical Level

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  • Installation instructions
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What's New in Data Center Security Appliances 61000/41000 R76SP.40


  • Part of the Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection solution, the Threat Emulation engine detects malware at the exploit phase. Files are run in a virtual sandbox to find malicious behavior before it enters your network. This innovative solution combines CPU-level inspection and an OS-level sandbox to prevent infection from Zero-Day and targeted attacks. Refer to sk111405.

VSX High-Capacity

  • The underlying infrastructure was adapted to support the 64-bit processes. The number of concurrent connections increased dramatically. Each Virtual System is limited by the amount of physical RAM installed on the SGM (64GB on SGM260).


  • Multiple OSPF instances for separate OSPF domains. Routes from one domain can be selectively filtered to other domains.

HTTPS Inspection

  • Enhanced HTTPS Inspection performance (CPS).
  • Support for hardware acceleration/offload of key negotiation.


  • Improved communication between the cluster mechanism and its registered user space processes with the use of traps (events). The cluster mechanism sends the required information about changes in the trap (event) itself.



Package Link
For clean installation only (ISO)
For upgrade only (TGZ)


Installation instructions

Perform Fresh Installation of R76SP.40 image, or perform Upgrade to R76SP.40

Installation Type Instructions
Clean Install Refer to the relevant Getting Started Guide in the "Documentation" section below
Upgrade Refer to Data Center Security Appliances 61000/41000 R76SP.40 Upgrade Guide




Revision History

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Date Description
15 July 2019
  • Link to Maintrain Release map was replaced 
23 Aug 2017
  • Updated link to the Known Limitations article
12 May 2017
  • "Documentation" section - added link to sk111405
28 Sep 2016
  • "Downloads" section - added links to Clean Installation and Upgrade packages.
02 June 2016
  • First release of this document.
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