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All OSPF routes are lost after configuring "Add redistribution from Aggregate" in Gaia Portal Technical Level
  • All OSPF routes are lost when 'Redistribution from Aggregate' is configured in Gaia Portal:
    Go to "Advanced Routing" section - click on "Route Redistribution" page - configure "Add Redistribution from Aggregate"

  • After 'Redistribution from Aggregate' is configured, it is not available anymore in the Gaia Portal.

  • OSPF routes are missing in the output of Clish commands "show ospf ...", or Expert commands "route -n" / "netstat -rn" / "ip route".

  • /var/log/messages file repeatedly shows the following the errors from RouteD daemon, after which it restarts:
    routed[PID]: parse: routed0.conf:22 syntax error at 'masklen' (616) length 7
    routed[PID]: parse_parse: 1 parse error
    routed[PID]: Exit routed[NEW_PID] version routed-...

RouteD daemon is stuck in the following loop:

  1. The RouteD daemon is not able to parse its configuration file /etc/routed0.conf because of the capital letter "A" in the following line:

    All masklen ...
  2. As a result of failed parsing, the RouteD daemon restarts itself.

  3. The RouteD daemon fails to parse its configuration file.

These repeated RouteD daemon restarts cause issues with traffic routing.

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