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Deploying a Check Point Security Gateway in Azure classic Technical Level

The current version of the Check Point Security Gateway for Azure is only available in the Azure marketplace using the resource manager deployment model.

Customers, who run their workloads using the legacy deployment model (also known as Azure Service Management), can download the VHD images from the following URLs:

Version URL
R80.10 8010.90013.0233
R77.30 77.30.8053230

Follow the procedure outlined in sk106144 in order to import the VHD into your account.

For additional resources about the two Azure deployment models, refer to Azure Deployment Models article.

Note: The same image can be used as a Check Point Management Server.
After importing the image, launch a VM and then run the First Time Configuration Wizard.
During the configuration, select the desired type of deployment (Gateway only, Management only, or Standalone).

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