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No Push Notifications in Capsule Messages Technical Level
  • No Push Notifications in Capsule Messages.

  • "You may have problem to get Messages push notification" warning on Capsule Messages.


As specified in sk109696, Capsule Messages is a secure instant messaging feature that provides a native group messaging experience. It is built on an Exchange infrastructure. The Exchange Server is used for messages storage and retrieval.

In order to show the Messages items only on the Capsule Messages and not in Outlook, the feature remotely moves Messages items from the Inbox to a hidden folder. This logic also manages the dedicated Push Notifications on a new message.

This feature requires Mobile Access Gateway running R77.30 with Take_138 and above of Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R77.30.

(With Mobile Access Gateway R77.10 / R77.20, users will not get Push Notifications on Messages. The Messages items will also stay in the Inbox until the Capsule Workspace app will be online and moves them automatically.)


If there are no push messages for Capsule Messages, then follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the Push Notification option is enabled in "Settings" of the Capsule Workspace app.
  2. Make sure that the Mobile Access Gateway runs R77.30 with Take_138 and above of Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R77.30
    (Capsule Messages also work with Mobile Access Gateway R77.10 / R77.20, but without Push Notifications and it might take longer for the messages to arrive).


In case the Mobile Access Gateway's version still does not support the latest Messages version, then Capsule Workspace tries to automatically move the Messages items (if it is possible) to remotely defined Exchange rule (on Exchange 2010 SP1 or higher).

This remote rule cannot be set on accounts, which have "Outlook Client Side Rules" without deleting these Outlook rules. Therefore, by default, Capsule Messages do not set this Exchange Rule, if the user has "Outlook Client Side Rules".

Users can bypass this limitation update by manually defining a Messages rule directly on Outlook by starting the "Create Rule" wizard from Outlook:

  • Create a new rule and chose 'Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder' template.
  • In the 'Select condition(s)' step, set the 'specific words' to:
    CPEMessage ~~
  • In the 'Select action(s)' step, set the 'specified' to point to your root folder.
    It should be your full mail account (for example,
  • Make sure the 'stop processing more rules' option is set.
  • Skip the 'exception' step.
  • Specify the name of the rule as Capsule Workspace Messaging Support.
  • Save the rule and make sure it is the first rule in your rules list.

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