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"Deployment Agent is not running" message in Gaia Portal and Gaia Clish when working with CPUSE build 839 Technical Level
  • "CPUSE Deployment Agent is not running. CPUSE actions are disabled." message in Gaia Portal:

    • Gaia R77.20 and above:
      "Upgrades (CPUSE)" section - "Status and Actions" page
    • Gaia R75.40 - R77.10:
      "Software Updates" section - "Status and Actions" page


  • "Error: Deployment agent is not running. Actions are disabled" is returned when running any CPUSE command "installer ..." in Gaia Clish.

  • Output of Gaia Clish command "show installer status agent" shows:
    Agent: disabled


An issue (relevant only to CPUSE build 839) was discovered in CPUSE build 839 that causes a problem when performing online self-update to a higher CPUSE build.

The issue causes the CPUSE Agent to stop running, and no operation is available in CPUSE.


Manually install the latest build of CPUSE Agent from sk92449: CPUSE - Gaia Software Updates (including Gaia Software Updates Agent) - section "(3) Latest build of CPUSE and What's New".

This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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