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Upload button is disabled on site when Anti-Virus and IPS are enabled Technical Level
  • When accessing site while non-transparent proxy, Anti-Virus and IPS are enabled, the Image Upload button is disabled.

  • The FWM debug output contains the following errors:
    DATE TIME... ws_gzip_filter_parse: [WARNING]: total buffer allocation 1049600 will exceed the max alowed 1048576;
    DATE TIME...  ws_gzip_filter_handle_status: gzip error 4  'Gzip/Deflate exceeded max buffer len';
    DATE TIME...  ws_gzip_filter_handle_status: gzip error 4, accept 'Gzip/Deflate exceeded max buffer len', perform (internal) short circuit and continue.;
    DATE TIME... ws_abs_stream_allowed_delta: [ERROR]: write portion of w. SIGNATURE filter (1460) is smaller than read portion of r. CI filter AV filter (3117);
    DATE TIME... ws_filter_mgr_execute_filter_chain: [ERROR]: CI filter AV, calculation of allowed delta failed;
    DATE TIME... ws_http_process_body: [ERROR]: failed to execute filter chain;
    DATE TIME... ws_http_session_server_read: [ERROR]: failed to process body;

Some chunked/gzip HTTP packets may be dropped as non-RFC compliant when Anti-virus and IPS are enabled.

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