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Error occurs in web application because of unexpected or unwanted response type (HTTP code) from destination web server Technical Level
  • An error occurs in a web application because of an unexpected or unwanted response type (HTTP code) from the destination web server.

  • A "Reject" log shows that the destination web server's response type was set to be overridden with "Internal Server Error" (HTTP code 500) response.


Internal web servers respond to the Mobile Access Gateway's HTTP requests that are made for the client.

Sometimes, the responses types from the destination web servers are unexpected or unwanted, and can be configured to be overridden by an "Internal Server Error" (HTTP code 500).

If a "Reject" log shows that a response from the destination web server was overridden with HTTP code 500, and you want to cancel this override and allow the original response code, it is recommended that you remove the overridden HTTP code from the override list.

If an unexpected or unwanted response is received from a destination web server and presented to the user, and you wish to override it with an "Internal Server Error" (HTTP code 500) response, it is recommended that you add the unwanted response code to the override list.

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