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How to preserve FDE preboot customization when upgrading Endpoint Management from R77.30 to R77.30.01 Technical Level

If you enabled the FDE blade and you have changed the default Pre-Boot customization (using the Common Client Policy "Default Client Setting Interface" action), perform the following steps before upgrading the Security Management server from R77.30 to R77.30.01:

  1. Copy the $FWDIR/conf/ep_uepm_files_tbl.C and $FWDIR/conf/ep_fde_drivers_tbl.C files to a Temp Location.

  2. Run the R77.30.01 upgrade without rebooting the server.

  3. Download the ep_uepm_files_tbl_upgrade.xml  file and copy it to the $FWDIR/conf/ directory.

  4. Set its permission to 777 , by running the command:

    chmod 777 $FWDIR/conf/ep_uepm_files_tbl_upgrade.xml

  5. Override the $FWDIR/conf/ep_uepm_files_tbl.C and $FWDIR/conf/ep_fde_drivers_tbl.C files with the files from the Temp Location.

  6. Run $UEPMDIR/bin/fwsetUpgrade (note that on the Windows OS it has a ".bat" extension )

  7. Reboot the server.
This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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