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Capsule Docs Development Tools and SDK Technical Level


Check Point Capsule Docs development tools allow you to manage document protection from your own applications.

The API can be used to achieve one or more of the following actions:

  • Apply Capsule Docs protection to files.
  • Remove Capsule Docs protection from files.
  • Inspect the protection settings of files.

Capsule Docs development tools include 3 different solutions:

  1. Capsule Docs SDK - C/C++/C#
  2. Capsule Docs Protection Services - based on WebServices API
  3. Capsule Docs Protection Utility - Command line utility


  • Capsule Docs Environment, including an Endpoint Security Management Server, and at least one connected client.
  • In order to protect a document, you should have the user name and the password of an authorized user.
  • C# API assumes .NET 2.0 or higher is installed on the machine.
  • In order to remove protection from a document, you should have the user name and the password of an authorized user that has permissions to remove protection from this document ("Unprotect" permission is set to "Yes").


Download the latest version of the Capsule Docs Development Tools from here.

For using Capsule Docs Protection Services, contact Check Point Support.

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