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"Hardware Health" section in Gaia Portal reports an issue with the Sensor "BIOS" Technical Level
  • The "Hardware Health" section in Gaia Portal shows for Sensor "BIOS":
    • Value "Invalid"
    • Status "Off"


  • Query for SNMP OID / SNMP Trap for OID . returns: "the BIOS has failed, using recovery BIOS"

  • The dmidecode command shows the BIOS is booting up from the Secondary or recovery BIOS:
    [Expert@GHost:0]# dmidecode -t 11
    # dmidecode 2.7
    SMBIOS 2.8 present.
    Handle 0x0022, DMI type 11, 5 bytes.
    OEM Strings
            String 1: Secondary BIOS
            String 1: Recovery BIOS

The primary BIOS has failed and the appliance has loaded from the secondary BIOS.


Only if ALL symptoms match, contact Check Point Support to request the RMA of the problematic appliance.

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