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Check Point Capsule, Endpoint Security & Remote Access VPN E80.62 / R77.30.01 Known Limitations Technical Level

This article lists all of the known limitations of Check Point Capsule, Endpoint Security & Remote Access VPN E80.62 / R77.30.01.

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Table of Contents

  • R77.30.01 Management Server
    • Management
    • UDM
  • Endpoint Security E80.62 Clients for Windows
    • Capsule Docs
    • Anti-Malware
    • Media Encryption & Port Protection
    • Full Disk Encryption
    • Endpoint Security VPN
  • Endpoint Security E80.62 Clients for Mac OS X
    • Capsule Docs
    • Full Disk Encryption


R77.30.01 Management Server


ID Symptoms

Policy Servers deliver client messages to the Endpoint Security Management Server using TLSv1 by default.

To force Policy Servers to relay the messages using TLSv1.2, follow this procedure on each Policy Server:

  1. Log in to Expert mode
  2. Run: cpstop
  3. Modify $UEPMDIR/apache22/conf/ssl.conf
  4. Replace line "SSLProxyProtocol TLSv1" with "SSLProxyProtocol TLSv1.2"
  5. Save file.
  6. Run: cpstart

The UDM portal and Self Service portal cannot work concurrently from the same browser.

01928924 For Suspicious Activity Monitoring: If the Security Management Server manages more than one Mobile Access gateway that sends Mobile Access logs, make sure their time settings are synchronized.


Endpoint Security E80.62 Clients for Windows


ID Symptoms
Capsule Docs
01714613 In Capsule Docs and DLP integration: Protection of mail attachments is not supported for TXT and CSV files.
01861476 When you write a non-protected Microsoft Office file to a removable device, and Office 2010 64-bit, 2013, or higher is installed on the computer, you might need to remove the device and re-insert it before you can access the file directly from the removable device.

When Capsule Docs is enabled on the Endpoint Security Client and multiple users log in and out of a computer, Microsoft Office applications can have unpredictable behavior.

Workaround: Use the Capsule Docs Standalone Plugin that supports multiple users.

01746522 The Micorosft PowerPoint "Reuse Slides" feature is not supported.
01884738 Anti-Malware only supports signatures updates from "External Check Point Signature Server" and "Other external source."
Media Encryption & Port Protection

When running Media Encryption on a 32-bit Windows 8 or Window 10 computer with Secure Boot enabled, the computer fails to start the operating system or starts in Recovery Mode.

Workaround: Disable Secure Boot.

Full Disk Encryption
01872249 Full Disk Encryption with Secure Boot is not supported on HP Spectre x360 and Dell Latitude 6430u. Full Disk Encryption without Secure Boot enabled is supported on these machines.

Microsoft KB3105213 or a later Cumulative Update KB that contains these fixes must be installed on Windows 10 before installing the Full Disk Encryption blade.

00674852 Dynamic Token users are not supported in the Full Disk Encryption Recovery media when running an R77.20.01 server.
00674849 The on-screen virtual keyboard does not work on the Lenovo ThinkPad 10 32 bit tablet when Secure Boot is enabled. To authenticate in pre-boot, a user must either turn off Secure Boot or connect an external USB keyboard.
00674885 Full Disk Encryption Recovery does not work on Lenovo X250 in UEFI mode. Contact Check Point Support for assistance.
01875738 To install Full Disk Encryption on Dell XPS 13, the BIOS version must be A07 or higher.
01878629 After uninstall of Full Disk Encryption, it is not possible to login to Windows. The error "The RPC server is unavailable" is shown. Refer to sk108965 for resolution.
  4K native (4Kn) (Advanced Format drives) drives are not supported with Full Disk Encryption products.

512e drives are supported.

Endpoint Security VPN
01872633 In SmartView Tracker, Authentication logs from clients who authenticate from Windows 10 computers, show Windows 8 instead of Windows 10 in the OS version field.
01847000 The OS monitor check in SCV on Windows10 returns an incorrect version. Windows 10 OS is recognized as Windows 8.


Endpoint Security E80.62 Clients for Mac OS X


ID Symptoms
Capsule Docs
01937940 You cannot run Microsoft Auto-Update from Microsoft Office Applications controlled by Capsule Docs.
01939793 In the "Capsule Docs Policy" > "Unprotect" column, the "Ask" option is not supported.
If you select "Ask", the behavior for that classification is that users do not have permission to unprotect documents, the same as the "No" option.
Full Disk Encryption
01483218 Check Point recommends to use a mobile network account when installing Endpoint Security on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
OS X minor version upgrades on OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) must be initiated from an account with a home folder (mobile network account or a local account).

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