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High memory utilization on Security Gateway during Anti-Virus scan of large files transferred over HTTP Technical Level
  • SmartView Monitor shows high memory utilization on Security Gateway.

  • Output of "fw ctl pstat" command on Security Gateway shows high memory utilization in "System Capacity Summary" section ("above watermark").

  • Analysis of Connections Table on Security Gateway during the issue (using the ConnStat tool per sk85780) shows that Top Services are HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443).

  • Kernel memory leak procedure (sk35496) shows 0 bytes leak.

  • Output of "top" command / "ps auxw" command shows that memory consumption by WSTLSD process is high and constantly increases.

  • Traffic latency, CPU consumption and memory consumption are gradually increased.


The problem is experienced when Anti-Virus blade is enabled and there are long connections with many HTTP sessions with files transferred to Server and back.

HTTP connections with POST session has caused the above issue due to improper handling of a session information by the Anti-Virus blade - session was not closed until the entire connection has ended.

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