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Drive Cache software not supported with Check Point Full Disk Encryption Technical Level
  • Random RSOD or BSOD in PSMAIN depending on possible corruption.
  • Potential unencrypted data being written to the cache drive due to the cache behavior.

Check Point Full Disk Encryption will not function as designed if any Drive Cache software is installed on the machine.

FDE cannot guarantee that the cache portion will be encrypted.

Another side-effect of Drive Cache software is that the OS will report one logical disk, while the FDE Preboot environment will see two different disks, where one is the cache disk. This can lead to corruption and data-loss in FDE.

Below is a list of known Drive Cache software solutions that will not function properly with FDE:

  • ExpressCache by Condusiv Technologies.
  • Intel Smart Response Technology (ISRT.)
  • Microsoft ReadyDrive and ReadyBoost.
  • Apple Fusion Drive.
  • + all other Drive Cache based hybrid disk solutions.

  1. Uninstall any Drive Cache software OR disable the cache function.
  2. Once uninstalled, make sure that you securely erase the cache drive sector-by-sector.

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