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HTTPS Inspection drops traffic to a web site that uses untrusted server certificate even when the "Untrusted server certificate" is disabled Technical Level
  • HTTPS Inspection drops traffic in the following scenario:

    1. SmartDashboard - go to "Application & URL FIltering" tab.
    2. Expand "Advanced" - expand "HTTPS Inspection" - click on "HTTPS Validation".
    3. In "Server Validation" section:
      • Clear the box "Untrusted server certificate".
      • In "Track validation errors" field, select "None".
    4. Install policy.
    5. Browse to a web site that uses untrusted server certificate.
  • Debug of WSTLSD daemon (per sk105559) shows:
    cptls_hs_handleValidationResult: internal error in cptls_hs_send_log.
    cptls_ActiveProxy::notifyValidationResult: internal error in handleValidationResult.
    cptls_validation_cb: cptls_hs_validation_cb failed

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