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1100/600 appliance reverts back to R75.20 after upgrade to R77.20 Technical Level
  • After upgrade of 1100/600 appliance from R75.20.x to R77.20 , log files show "Upgrade Validation Attempt Fails", then the appliance reverts back to previous R75.20 image.

  • Upgrade log shows:
    [DATE TIME] - Pre-upgrade connectivity to management was OK. Now testing after upgrade
    [DATE TIME] - Running Connectivity Validations.
    [DATE TIME] - Policy install after upgrade fail. Before upgrade, the installed policy was not default but now it is.
    [DATE TIME] - Upgrade validation. Attempt # 1 failed.
    [DATE TIME] - Upgrade validation. Attempt # 7 failed.
    [DATE TIME] - After-Upgrade validation problem. Reverting to previous image !
    [DATE TIME] : Starting installation from SmartUpdate
    [DATE TIME] : Current version: R75.20

1100/600 appliance reverts back to previous firmware version because first boot after upgrade failed due to failure to load policy.
The appliance fetches policy when booting up. If the policy is compiled for R75.20, appliance will fail to load the policy after upgrade to R77.20.

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