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/var/log/messages file on Security Gateway shows that "show interfaces" command was executed during policy installation Technical Level
  • During policy installation, /var/log/messages file on Security Gateway shows the following Gaia Clish auditlog entries:

    clish[PID]: user logged from admin 
    ... ... ... 
    clish[PID]: User admin logged in with ReadWrite permission 
    clish[PID]: cmd by admin: Start executing : show interfaces ... (cmd md5: XXX) 
    clish[PID]: cmd by admin: Processing : show interfaces all (cmd md5: XXX) 
    ... ... ... 
    clish[PID]: User admin logged out from CLI shell 

Gaia OS queries and parses the configuration of VTI interfaces to populate the required data in VPND daemon and in VPN kernel.

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