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No TCP/UDP ports are allocated for a MUH user on Identity Awareness Gateway Technical Level
  • MUH user randomly is not able to reach any resources, although Terminal Servers Identity Agent shows that MUH user was authenticated and a list of TCP/UDP ports was defined in the Terminal Servers Identity Agent.

  • SmartView Tracker log shows that user's connection was dropped because no user was identified.

  • Output of "pdp monitor user <User_Name>" command on Identity Awareness Gateway shows that no TCP / UDP ports were allocated for the involved MUH user:

    <USER_NAME@DOMAIN> {...}
    Groups: ...
    Roles: ... 
    Tcp Ports: -
    Udp Ports: -
    Session UUID:{...}
    Client Type: Terminal Server Identity Agent
    Authentication Method: Trust
    Connect Time: ...
    Next Reauthentication: ...
    Next Connectivity Check: -
  • Debug of PDPD daemon ('pdp debug set all all') on Identity Awareness Gateway shows:

    [SESSION (TD::All)] pdp::PDPSessionManager::getSession: session_id: (seesion_id) not found in cache. checking in storage
    [PEPC (TD::Events)] pdp::PepcSessionAdapter::adaptMultiHostUserSession: tcpPorts: 
    [PEPC (TD::Events)] pdp::PepcSessionAdapter::adaptMultiHostUserSession: udpPorts: 
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