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PIM SM: multicast traffic received on an interface, which is in non-DR, but assert winner state is not processed by Security Gateway Technical Level
  • PIM SM multicast traffic does not pass through Security Gateway.

  • Output of Gaia Clish command "show pim joins" shows the expected interfaces.

  • Output of Gaia Clish command "show mfc cache" shows correct outgoing interface and RP.

  • Output of Gaia Clish command "show mfc orphans" shows expired multicast routes.

  • Output of Expert mode command "ip mroute show" does not show the relevant interface, through which the involved multicast traffic should leave the Security Gateway (there is interface in the "Oifs" field).

  • RouteD PIM and MFC traces (per sk92598) show:

    PIM MFC: xresolv for src=X.X.X.X,grp=2XX.X.X.X failed becausewe are not DR on interface to which source is directly connected
    mfc_create_sg: PIM instance 0 failed to resolve source X.X.X.X, group 2XX.X.X.X

Multicast traffic is not forwarded if RouteD daemon is not the PIM DR (Designated Router), but it is the PIM Assert Winner.

RouteD daemon incorrectly stops processing PIM SM multicast traffic that was received directly from source on a non-DR interface that is on that directly connected network.

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