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SmartView Tracker shows duplicate logs when SecureXL is enabled in the cluster Technical Level
  • SmartView Tracker shows duplicate logs with the same details from the cluster.

  • Kernel debug ('fw ctl debug -m fw + log') on cluster members shows that the same log is issued twice for a connection.

    ;27May2015 13:11:17.401223;[cpu_11];[fw4_22];fwchainlog_generate_conn_log_from_conn_key_ex: send log <dir 1, -> IPP 6>;
    ;27May2015 13:11:18.401243;[cpu_11];[fw4_22];fwchainlog_generate_conn_log_from_conn_key_ex: send log <dir 1, -> IPP 6>;
  • Disabling SecureXL on all cluster members resolves the issue.


Log is incorrectly issued twice for these TCP connections:

  1. TCP connections are matched to SecureXL NAT Templates.
  2. Delayed Notification is configured for these TCP connections (Service properties - click on "Advanced..." button - check the box "Start synchronizing [] seconds after connection initiation"; For more details about this setting, refer to SmartDashboard built-in Help in this window).

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