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SmartEvent NGSE fails to send auto-reaction e-mails Technical Level
  • SmartEvent NGSE fails to send auto-reaction e-mails.

  • Debug of CPSEMD daemon on SmartEvent NGSE (per sk105806) shows:

    SMTP server error code - 501
    SMTP server error message - Syntax: HELO hostname
    CInternalMailCommand::Execute: SendMail failed
    .--> 0x... CBasicAutoReaction::_OnFinishExecution
    ..--> 0x... CAutoReact::OnAutoReactionFinishExecution
    ..<-- 0x... CAutoReact::OnAutoReactionFinishExecution
    .<-- 0x... CBasicAutoReaction::_OnFinishExecution
    <-- 0x... CInternalMailCommand::Execute
    --> 0x... CAutoReact::_DoOnAutoReactionFinishExecution
    CAutoReact::_DoOnAutoReactionFinishExecution: Status: fail (2)
    <-- v CAutoReact::_DoOnAutoReactionFinishExecution
  • Traffic capture on SmartEvent NGSE shows:
    Response: 501 Syntax: HELO hostname\r\n
          Response code: Syntax error in parameters or arguments (501)
          Response parameter: Syntax: HELO hostname
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