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Deprecated Categories in Application Control Technical Level

The following Application Control categories were deprecated (to have less options and more consistency in the category assignment).

All applications assigned to a deprecated category will be assigned a new category, based on the suggested replacement.

Prior to such changes a notification will be sent via the Application Control database update newsletter. It is recommended to register to get the most up to date information about Application Control detection updates.

Once a category is deprecated, it will not be available in the Application Control picker. Existing rules that use the deprecated categories will continue to function and match as before.

It is recommended to review the Application & URL Filtering policy, and modify the rules accordingly (remove the deprecated categories and replace them with the relevant supported categories).

Enter the string to filter this table:

Category / Application
Category / Action
Adds other software Remove
Allows remote connect P2P File Sharing category
Allows remote control Remote Administration category
Autostarts/Stays Resident Remove
BitTorrent protocol P2P File Sharing category
Bundles Software Remove
Business Applications Business / Economy category
Content Provider and Sharing News / Media & Search Engine / Portal Categories
eDonkey P2P File Sharing category
Facebook File Sharing Media Sharing category
Facebook Popular Social Networking category
Facebook Widgets Social Networking category
Friendster Widgets Social Networking category
FTP Protocol FTP service matched by protocol signature
Gnutella protocol P2P File Sharing category
Google Talk protocol Google Hangouts application
IM Aggregator Instant Messaging category
IPTV Media Streams category
IRC protocol IRC protocol application
Jabber protocol Jabber service matched by protocol signature
LinkedIn Widgets Social Networking category
Linux Installer Remove
Logs e-mail Email
Logs IM Instant Messaging category
Mac Installer Remove
Micro blogging Blogs / Personal Pages category
MySpace Entertainment Social Networking category
MySpace Games Social Networking category
MySpace Lifestyle Social Networking category
MySpace Popular Social Networking category
MySpace Sports Social Networking category
MySpace Utilities Social Networking category
MySpace Widgets Social Networking category Widgets Social Networking category
Opens ports Anonymizers category
Orkut Entertainment Remove
Orkut Lifestyle Remove
Orkut Popular Remove
Orkut Sports Remove
Orkut Utilities Remove
Orkut Widgets Remove
Oscar protocol Instant Messaging category
Port agility Anonymizers category
Sends mail Email category
Share Files File Storage and Sharing category
Share links Remove
Share Music Media Streams category
Share photos Media Sharing category
Share videos Remove
SMS Tools Remove
Social Plugins Social Networking category
SSL Protocol ssl_v3 service matched by protocol signature
Streaming Media Protocols Media Streams category
Supports File Transfer File Storage and Sharing category
Supports IM Instant Messaging category
Supports Streaming Media Streams category
Supports video/webcam Web Conferencing category
Supports VoIP VoIP category
Torrent Trackers P2P File Sharing category
Transmits Information Media Sharing category
Tunnels Anonymizers category
UDP Protocol Remove
Used for Web-Based Support Remove
Virtual Worlds Games category
Voice Mail Remove
Web Based Instant Messaging Instant Messaging category
Web Browsing Remove
Web Desktop Computers / Internet category
Web Spider Remove
Windows Messenger protocol Remove
Yahoo Messenger protocol Yahoo Messenger application


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