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Adding a new VLAN with highest VLAN ID causes the Virtual System to go "Down" Technical Level
  • State of Virtual System in VSX High Availability cluster changes to "Down" due to Critical Device "Interface Active Check" in the following scenario:

    1. Monitoring of the lowest and highest VLANs is enabled (default; fwha_monitor_low_high_vlans=1)
    2. VLAN with lowest VLAN ID was configured on one Virtual System "A" ("VS_A")
    3. VLAN with highest VLAN ID was configured on another Virtual System ("VS_B")
    4. VLAN was configured on Virtual System "A" ("VS_A") with VLAN ID, which is higher than any existing VLAN ID on Virtual System "B" ("VS_B")
  • Output of "cphaprob -a if" command shows that all cluster interfaces are "UP", but the number of "Required interfaces:" is larger than it should be.

  • Rebooting the VSX cluster member resolves the issue.


In some scenarios, changing the VLAN configuration in SmartDashboard might cause the number of "Required interfaces:" to be incorrect (refer to the output of "cphaprob -a if" command).

Critical Device "Interface Active Check" reports its status as "problem" because the number of required interface is not reduced correctly when an interface becomes a non-monitored interface.

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