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VPN outage when SecureXL is on and peer uses Link Selection Load Sharing Technical Level
  • VPN outage when SecureXL is on and peer uses Link Selection Load Sharing.
  • The issue occurs when machine has 2+ cores, and SecureXL is on.
  • ; 5Jun2015 20:11:35.500042;[cpu_1];[fw4_0];vpnconn_add_link_to_opaque: entering;
    ; 5Jun2015 20:11:35.500045;[cpu_1];[fw4_0];get_link_ls_mode: link_ls_mode is 1;
    ; 5Jun2015 20:11:35.500049;[cpu_1];[fw4_0];set_link_from_chain: selected link: dest 0x0.0.0.0, if -1, next hop 0x0.0.0.0 ; ...
    ; 5Jun2015 20:11:35.090504;[cpu_1];[SIM91960248]ipsec_add_iphdr: SA flags set with link selection;
    ; 5Jun2015 20:11:35.090508;[cpu_1];[SIM91960248]ipsec_add_iphdr: The link (PeerIP=, SrcIF=-1, NextHopIP=;
    ; 5Jun2015 20:11:35.090512;[cpu_1];[SIM91960248]sim_sa_db_get_ls_link_selection_info: No link selection entry found for (PeerIP=, SrcIF=-1, NextHopIP=;
    ; 5Jun2015 20:11:35.090515;[cpu_1];[SIM91960248]ipsec_add_iphdr: The link (PeerIP=, SrcIF=-1, NextHopIP= is dead. Can't use it.;
    ; 5Jun2015 20:11:35.090517;[cpu_1];[SIM91960248]ipsec_esp_encrypt: can't add ipsec encapsulating header - dropping packet;
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