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ClusterXL member is down due to Monitor Mode being enabled on a cluster interface Technical Level
  • Output of "cphaprob state" command shows that cluster member is "Down".

  • Output of "cphaprob list" command shows that Critical Device "Active Interface Check" reports its status as "problem".

  • Output of "cphaprob -a if" command shows for one of the interfaces (ethX) "Inbound: UP Outbound: DOWN:".

  • Output of "ifconfig -a" command shows interface called "brS-ethX", which is not a physical interface and was not created by the administrator.

  • Output of "cphaprob state" command also shows:

    • On one cluster member "Active/Active in Bridge mode"
    • On the other member "Active/Standby"

Interface ethX is configured in Monitor Mode, which is not supported in cluster - refer to "Limitations" section in sk101670 - Monitor Mode on Gaia OS and SecurePlatform OS.

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