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Traditional Anti-Virus in Proactive Mode does not strip malicious file from e-mail if the file name contains non-ASCII characters Technical Level
  • The attached malicious file is not stripped from e-mail in the following scenario:

    1. Traditional Anti-Virus is configured in Proactive Mode (in SmartDashboard, go to "Threat Prevention" tab - in the left pane, open "Traditional Anti-Virus" - open "Security Gateway" - open "Mail Protocols" - click on "SMTP" - check the box "Activate Proactive Detection" - install policy)
    2. The name of malicious file (that is attached to e-mail) contains non-ASCII characters (e.g., Japanese, Chinese, Korean)

Traditional Anti-Virus in a Proactive Mode does not support file names that contain non-ASCII characters (e.g., Japanese, Chinese, Korean).

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