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License Requirements for Next-Generation SmartEvent (NGSE) Technical Level


The Next-Generation SmartEvent version (NGSE) was released for R77. This featured a redesigned interface as well as new features that replaced the older Eventia Suite and SmartReporter/SmartEvent product, offered in previous versions. This was first released for new Smart-1 appliances with annual licensing, but is now generally available for the Smart-1 appliance and open server platforms, as well.


What license is required for a Next Generation SmartEvent?

If you have older SmartReporter/SmartEvent licenses, can you still use the Next Generation SmartEvent?

The license required for NGSE is the same license used for SmartEvent R77.x and earlier versions, so older perpetual Software Blade licenses will work with the new versions and no additional licenses would be required.

  • For Check Point Smart-1 appliances: Smart-1 SmartEvent appliance, or Next-Generation Smart-1 Appliance.
  • For Open Servers: Management Container + SmartEvent software blade

Note: SmartReporter and SmartEvent blades are bundled together and cannot be purchased separately. Customers with existing SmartEvent/SmartReporter licenses and a current software subscription or support contract would be eligible to upgrade to the latest version provided they meet the minimum requirements (sk98767).

An NGSE license must include both Reporting and SmartEvent because there is now a single NGSE user-interface. Customers that have standalone licenses that only contain SmartReporter (RPRT/EVR) or SmartEvent (EVNT/EVCR/EVA), will need to upgrade to the newer bundled product. 

This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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