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"Virtual memory used" section of "fw ctl pstat" output on VSX is limited to 4014 MB Technical Level
  • Output of "fw ctl pstat" command executed in the context of a Virtual System shows "Virtual memory used" is limited - "out of 4014 MB".


    [Expert@VSX:0]# vsenv 2
    Context is set to Virtual Device VSX-1_VS_2 (ID 2).
    [Expert@VSX:2]# fw ctl pstat
    Virtual System Capacity Summary:
      Physical memory used:  22% (677 MB out of 3052 MB) - below watermark
      Kernel   memory used:   5% (170 MB out of 2950 MB) - below watermark
      Virtual  memory used:  15% (605 MB out of 4014 MB) - below watermark
         Used: 61 MB by FW, 544 MB by zeco
      Concurrent Connections: 0% (0 out of 14900) - below watermark
      Aggressive Aging is disabled
    ... ... ...

FWK processes are 32-bit. Therefore, they are only able to work with up to 4GB of memory.

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