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"Countries DB download has failed" logs in SmartView Tracker even when Geo Protection is set to "Inactive" Technical Level
  • SmartLog / SmartView Tracker shows the following logs:

    • Countries DB download has failed. Please verify internet connectivity

    • Contact Technical Support

    • HTTPS connections from Security Gateway to (after enabling "Log Implied Rules" in Global Properties).
  • Output of "netstat -anp" command shows multiple HTTPS connections from "in.geod" daemon to

    tcp       0       1 X.X.X.X:XXX       SYN_SENT    <PID>/in.geod
  • These logs and this traffic are consistently observed even when Geo Protection is set to "Inactive", or even when IPS blade is disabled.


FWD daemon incorrectly spawns the IN.GEOD daemon.

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