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in.emaild.mta daemon crashes when the Anti-Spam blade is enabled Technical Level
  • Huge e-mail delays are reported when using the Anti-Spam blade to filter spam e-mails.
  • The output of the '/opt/postfix/usr/sbin/postqueue -c /opt/postfix/etc/postfix/ -p' command shows that valid e-mails are stuck in the queue.
  • The in.emaild.mta process constantly crashes with a "Segmentation fault" message when the Anti-Spam blade is enabled.
  • The $FWDIR/tmp/email_tmp/ directory is large and grows continuously until disk space is full.

The crash of the in.emaild.mta process causes a bottleneck in the active and deferred queues, preventing e-mails from being sent after they are inspected. This exhausts disk space, and as a result further inspection does not occur.

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