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Data Center Security Appliances R76SP.20 Resolved Issues

This article lists all of the issues that have been resolved in Data Center Security Appliances R76SP.20.

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Table of Contents

  • General
  • Networking
  • VSX


ID Symptoms
Support for Check Point online services migration to SHA-256 based certificates.
Refer to sk103839.
00628388 The "show_bond" command is not supported.
00763165 Bonding of Management interfaces is not supported.
01047969 After changing the Distribution Mode with the "asg dxl dist_mode set" command, the change is automatically verified. This verification can fail with a message "Found matrix inconsistency" and "verification failed".
01122041 When using VPN with Virtual systems, the outbound physical interface (the port in the SSM), from which the encrypted traffic exits the firewall must be configured either with Network or General Distribution mode. This includes cases where the Virtual System is connected via a WARP interface to Virtual Switch, and the encrypted traffic flows via the WARP interface. Configure this WARP interface of the Virtual System connected to the Virtual Switch in the same way.

The following issues are experienced on 61000 / 41000 chassis in VSX mode after reverting to a snapshot:

  • Output of "asg monitor" command shows chassis as "DOWN".
  • Output of "cphaprob list" command shows that Critical Device "VSX" reports its status as "problem".
  • Output of "cpwd_admin list" command shows that FWD daemon and CPD daemon are in "T" (terminated) state.
Refer to sk112717.

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